Now Booking: Self Provoked | The Jiggy-Jiggy Tour


Los Angeles MC Self Provoked has become a notable MC at the young age of 24, creating the hip hop lifestyle brand/ collective On A High Note. Born to Peruvian and Argentine parents in Sun Valley, a part of Los Angeles mostly known to outsiders for their dump yards and landfills. , Self Provoked found a home in the skateboarding and hip hop communities. Lyrically, Self Provoked touches on a wide degree of topics. His talents level verbally are at a high level, entering a class of MC’s who represent the culture of hip hop over mainstream rap.

In 2008, Self Provoked began recording songs through his personal studio, uploading content into Myspace with a great deal of success. The songs quickly gained traction as his MySpace following grew.Self Provoked’s grass roots movement continues to expand, accumulating 10’s of millions of views across online streaming platforms such as YouTube and Soundcloud. It’s an incredible feat when examining his career and the lack of major label backing behind it all. Self Provoked will drop his debut full length album in fall of 2016, followed by touring, video releases and much more.

Social Media #’s: 55k Youtube | 63k Instagram | 91k Facebook

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