About Us

2016 has brought some changes to how we operate so please read carefully.

If you are an established artist, meaning you’ve got albums out, proven sales #’s, have already toured extensively and are looking for a new agent to book for you, we can help. We operate on a percentage basis with these types of artists. We require at least 90 days to book tours, anything under 60 days is difficult to lock in dates you are looking for, hence we have to make tons of routing changes.We are no longer booking tours that cannot secure nightly guarantees.

For any tours that are predominantly door deals etc. we can be hired as consultants. We can assist you with routing, logistics, setting up your contracts etc. This of course is ONLY if it’s a tour we think we can get behind and will do well. So, all of the below still holds true when reviewing tours etc.

With regards to artists on a smaller scale who predominately do door deals, all of the following applies to you…

1. Must have a Budget

  • Can range from $1000 to $3000 (Consultation Fees)

2. Must have actual projects out on itunes & stores

  • We do not consider anyone with “0″ projects out
  • No mixtapes or projects that are “Coming Soon”

3. Music Videos Online

  • If you have NO music videos whatsoever, we will NOT have interest.

3. A fan base w/realistic #’s

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube – these are all researched for fake #’s as well so be honest.

4. Can perform during the week (not just weekends)

  • If you can only perform on Fridays & Saturday’s it is not a tour you are trying to book. You are trying to book One Off’s and we only do that for a select few.

5. Have past performance references

  • Tours, Shows you’ve opened for etc. – Send us proof.

^Copy those into an email and answer them. Keep in mind, we are “hired” to consult for tours, no work is done until a deposit is made.

If the answer to all of these things is yes, here is what we can do for you.

1. Review and help optimize your traveling line up.
2. Build you a competent route that works best for your timeframe.
3. Setup your initial contract you can use for show solicitation.
4. Assist with Buy On & Sponsor ideas.
5. Assist with ways to save you money on vehicle rentals, etc.

Once the consultation is complete, you will be handling the booking of your own tour…but by the time we are done, you will be ready!

Contact Us via our contact page for rates on our services.