About Us

2016-17 has brought some changes to how we operate so please read carefully. If you are an established artist, meaning you’ve got albums out, proven sales #’s, have already toured extensively and are looking for a new agent to book for you, we can help. We operate on a percentage basis with these types of artists. We require at least 90 days to book tours, anything under 60 days is difficult to lock in dates you are looking for, hence we have to make tons of routing changes. We are no longer booking tours that cannot secure nightly guarantees.

Current Clients: Prozak (Strange Music), Slaine (La Coka Nostra), Gavlyn (Broken Complex), Planet Asia (Cali Agents), I.L.A.M. (Monstaville Music), Kap Kallous, Demrick (Still Movin), Adlib (Sensi-Starr/SRH), Self Provoked, Equipto (Solidarity), Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP)

Artists/Labels we’ve worked w/or consulted:¬†DaMaddhouze (Bay Area), Bop Boyz (Chicago), T-Zank (Indiana), Universal Language (Denver), J.Lately (Bay Area), Andrew Bigs (Bay Area) & many more.

If you are a regional artist; maybe you don’t have much touring experience and you’re looking to learn how to begin touring on a regular basis…we can be hired to provide a 2hr consultation which is basically like a personal seminar teaching you how to book your first tour and so much more. We can assist you with routing, logistics, setting up your contracts, how to pitch your tour to buyers, doing your graphics, printing your promo materials at a discounted rate and so much more.

Once all of that is done we also give you some great final touches that add some great value to your tour and it’s overall look, presentation and feel so you get the most out of your first run and it looks professional. Odds are if you are contacting us, you’ve seen our logo on countless tours and for good reason. We get the job done and the word is spreading. Our clientele speaks volumes and this is something we really don’t need to put much effort in to sell. We work with who we work with for a reason…again, We get the job done.

A few things to note before following up with us on how to move fwd. First off this is a service that costs. This is not up for discussion. We’ve done the work and again, our clientele speaks for us. With that said…

1. Must have a Budget: $500 – $1000
(Just Consultation or Consultation w/Support)
2. Our consultations/1on1 seminars are 2hrs long
3. Google Chat: Most of our consultations happen over video conference unless local.
4. What do I learn? I’m glad you asked:

  • Routing Techniques
  • Putting together a great looking pitch for your tour
  • How to solicit your tour (The Do’s & Don’ts)
  • What deals to avoid and how to get the most out of your buyers
  • Setting up your initial contract
  • How to get local support (especially in first time cities)
  • Tips on where to save money on: Van Rentals, Hotels, Promo Printing, Merchandise
  • How you CAN make money on your first tour (ties directly in w/the above)
  • Great final touches on how to make your tour pop and stand out
  • Apps you should have on your mobile devices to help make your travels easy
  • How to use social media tools to aid in the promo of your tour

Once the consultation is complete, you will be handling the booking of your own tour…but by the time we are done, you will be ready! And to be honest, 100% of the artists/labels we have consulted have come back from their first tours addicted to the road and what it can truly bring if it is done correctly. We look forward to working with you, should you have any questions contact us.

Contact Us via our contact page for rates on our services.